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Promoting Tolerance in the Workplace

Chuck Conine, principal of Consilium Advisory Services and its hospitality division Hospitality HR Solutions was one of the HR experts commenting for a recent story on workplace tolerance published by Nation’s Restaurant News.

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Vetting the HR Expert: 
Techniques for Evaluating the Expert

Charles A. Conine, SPHR

One important consideration for counsel once it is determined that an HR expert should be retained is whether the potential experts being interviewed possess experience that’s relevant to the issues in the trial. 

Can the proposed expert speak to the full range of these issues?  The HR generalist who is trained in a variety of human resources disciplines has the benefit of perspective, understanding not only the interrelation among a variety of HR disciplines but as importantly, the connections between the policies generated in each and how these policies may be interpreted in actual practice.  

Consider the case of a plaintiff alleging wrongful discharge during a probationary period.  Defendants have answered, stating that plaintiff falsified his employment application and was released when reference checks revealed the falsification. Plaintiff countered, stating that he would have explained the discrepancies had he been afforded the right of appeal, which he alleges Defendants unreasonably denied. 

While experts who have worked primarily in a single HR discipline, say, as a recruiter, may be perfectly suited to testify concerning steps employers take to verify applicant statements before a candidate is hired, that same expert may be unable to opine concerning what mitigating factors employers may consider before discharging employees during a probationary period – or whether and why honesty by job applicants is a bona fide reason for discharging them in the first place, or rejecting a request for an appeal of a discharge on that basis. 

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It all begins with hiring. 
If you fix the problem in the beginning by hiring right, you won’t have this issue

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8 Keys for Successful
Hotel Work Teams

Research from the 1920s is successfully applied to make hotel industry work teams more productive.

In his latest column for Smith Travel Research principal Consilium consultant Chuck Conine provides a road map to engaging successful employee work teams. 

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Banish most rules. Work teams don’t need many rules to function.

Employers Can Win the NLRB “Tug of War”

In a recent article published by Cayuga Hospitality Advisors Chuck Conine, principal of Consilium Advisory Services and a member of Cayuga’s consultant network, discussed ways in which employers may choose to respond to the ongoing back-and-forth struggle being played out in the courts between the National Labor Relations Board and employers.  Conine said that employers essentially have two choices:  either fight the unions, or empower employees to make their own choices. Read the article

Employer Online Searches

Employers, your online information gathering about employees is perhaps not such a good idea after all.

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